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Maximizing ROI from your Source-to-Pay Investments

Transforming Procurement in 2023: One Hour packed with Strategic Insights to Unleash Your Investment Potential and Reach Your Goals

Maximizing ROI from your Source-to-Pay Investments

As a procurement leader in the Middle East, we understand that you prioritized digital transformation, risk management, and cost reduction in recent years. As global disruptions such as geopolitical wars and rising raw material costs continue to impact the region, CPOs are investing heavily in next-generation technologies to drive sustainability and cost savings.  

To help you optimize your source-to-pay investments and maintain a competitive edge, we are hosting this exclusive webinar which will provide valuable insights and best practices on how to:  

  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities 
  • Leverage technology to streamline source-to-pay processes  
  • Maximize value from supplier relationships and risk management 
  • Evaluate key metrics and strategies for ROI from source-to-pay performance  

You will learn from industry experts and thought leaders in the Middle East who will share their experiences and insights into key trends and innovative ideas. Additionally, the webinar will feature a live demonstration of Zycus’ cutting-edge solutions, which can help your company to maximize ROI on source-to-pay investments.  

Join us to explore a range of practical ideas and strategies that can help your organization succeed in today’s challenging economic environment. 

Benefits of Attending

Learn about the focused cyber intelligence providing accurate, focused information for threat hunting tools and resources

Increase value and reduce the cost by implementing industry based or company dedicated threat intelligence with SOAR and UEBA capabilities

Discuss and debate how to measure ROI across four key areas: Revenue and cost optimization, improved service delivery, efficiency gains, and rapid workforce upskilling

Learning Takeaways

Knowledge Sharing

Get to know how to identify cost-reduction opportunities to optimize your source-to-pay investments and achieve cost savings

Gain Insights

On how to leverage technology to streamline your procurement processes, which can help you to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Innovation & vision

Find out more about key strategies: How to maximize value from your supplier relationships and what are the best practices for risk management

Learn & share

The best practices for achieving strategic objectives with next-generation procurement


Understand how to evaluate key metrics and strategies for ROI

Schedule plan


30th may 2023


Interactive Panel Discussion 

Interactive Q&A  

Live Product Showcase 

Concluding Remarks   

Our Speakers

who is speaking?

Who will Attend?

Senior Procurement and Finance leaders and practitioners across the Middle East & Africa Region

  • CXO 40%
  • Director 26%
  • VP 28%
  • Others 6%

  • Aerospace 8%
  • BFSI 11%
  • Business Services  14%
  • Oil & Gas  18%
  • FMCG    3%
  • Manufacturing and Engineering  14%
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure 11%
  • Retail    8%
  • Others 13%

About Zycus

Zycus is the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement software and has been a trusted partner of choice for large global enterprises for two decades. Zycus has been consistently recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts for its Source to Pay integrated suite. Zycus powers its S2P software with the revolutionary Merlin AI Suite. Merlin AI takes over the tactical tasks and empowers procurement and AP officers to focus on strategic projects; offers data-driven actionable insights for quicker and smarter decisions, and its conversational AI offers a B2C type user-experience to the end-users. Zycus helps enterprises drive real savings, reduce risks, and boost compliance, and its seamless, intuitive, and easy-to-use user interface ensures high adoption and value across the organization.  

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